Sunday School Small Groups

Sunday School Small Groups


6th – 12th grade

Young Married (Foundations)

The “Young Married” small group is currently combined with the Followers of Faith Class.  This group is for couples with young children and newlyweds through five years of marriage.  Expect to learn about fostering honesty, compassion, and dedication in your children’s young minds, how to raise spiritual champions, and how to raise children who love and serve God while strengthening your marriage.

Pairs & Spares

The “Pairs & Spares” small group is led by Jerry Simpson.  This group is for singles and married of various adult ages.  Expect to receive college level course teachings from a former Seminary Professor.

Followers of Faith

The “Followers of Faith” small group is for couples and singles of various age groups.


The “In-Betweens” small group is led by Bill Johnson.  This group is for the “we aren’t exactly young but we aren’t exactly old either”.  Expect a very interactive Bible discussions.

Senior Couples

The “Senior Couples” small group is for couples of senior years.  Younger couples are welcome!!!
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