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Christmas Cantata

Community Cantata



It’s important that our music and worship ministries develop a strong scriptural foundation, a Biblical basis for what we do. Then, it’s equally important that we communicate these foundational scriptures over and over and over; so, everyone involved is on the same page. The Music Ministry of DCBC is committed to exalt themusic-notes1 Savior, edify the saints, and evangelize the sinner. Our hope each week in worship is that everyone present will hear a clear presentation of the Gospel through the selected music. Our worship choir and praise team use their gifts and talents each week during our worship service to help share the Gospel.


Worship Choir: Sundays @ 4:30 pm
Praise Team: Sundays @ 8:15 am
Kinder Choir: Wednesday @ 7 pm
Children Choir: Wednesday @ 7 pm
Joyful Hearts Choir: Thursday @ 9:30

praise-4*For more information please call  the church office.