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Articles: “Never a Better Time for Family Prayer” “30 Edifying Things to Watch” “Parenting During Coronavirus” “Parenting Anxious Kids in an Anxious Age” Spotify Playlists: “Upbeat Songs” Right Now Media: There are hundreds of kid’s shows on Right Now Media. If you have not yet received an email invite to set up your free account please contact the church office.  


Family Worship: “When Your Church Can’t Meet” (Article) “Family Worship” (Video) “25 Ways to Worship God on Youtube” (Article) “Family Worship Starts Now” (Article) Spotify: Click Here  

Right Now Media

Right Now Media is a free streaming service filled with Bible Study videos. You can access thousands of resources by world class Bible teachers, including hundreds of videos specifically for kids and teenagers. If you do not receive an email invite please contact us at